About embroidery patch


What should I do if the embroidery is wrong?

For various reasons, it is inevitable that errors will occur, and if it is a small error, the correct color can be placed on the wrong color;If a color block is misplaced, then the wrong row is removed, and then the color is used to reinforce the upper row without having to be completely removed;If there is a lot of gaps or misplaced, then there is no other way to remove them all.

How to remove the stylish cloth on the clothes?

1. Heat treatment with 10% aqueous acetic acid solution or 20% to 30% potassium iodide aqueous solution. 2. Immediately wipe with warm salt water and then rinse with water. 3. Add an appropriate amount of ammonia water to the clean water that has been placed in the washing liquid for washing. 4. Place the clothed clothes on the flat table and iron them repeatedly until the cloth is peeled off.

How to use patch stickers for clothes?

How do patch stickers come down? How to use the down jacket patch? You can go to the tailor shop to let the tailor help you make up, or go to the supermarket to buy the kind of smiley map that specializes in making up clothes. There are many styles and some are very cute.Patching method of ironing:1. Keep the back side clean before ironing. Adjust the temperature to suit the temperature of the clothes according to the method of using the iron.2. Put the cloth on the appropriate position (do not tear off the glue), burn it back and forth a few times, usually burn for about 15 seconds.3. To prevent burns, put a thin cotton cloth on the cloth (not a faded cloth). After ironing, check the edges to see if it is hot, and burn a few times on the edges.4. It is also necessary to determine the temperature according to the thickness of the cloth. If it is thicker, it must be higher in temperature and longer in ironing. For particularly thick cloth, you can burn it a few times on the back. 5. For cloths with sequins or metal wires, firstly iron them from the reverse side. After the cloth is fixed firmly, trim the corners from the front to avoid damaging the front sequins or other accessories.6. The best way is to use a needle thread to sew a few stitches on the side of the cloth after it is burned. This is more firm and docile.7. If you don't have an iron at home, you can also sew the cloth directly on the clothes with the same color line.