Classification of embroidered cloth
1. Classification by place of origin: German embroidered cloth, French embroidered cloth, Japanese Olympu embroidered cloth, Korean embroidered cloth, Thai embroidered cloth and Chinese embroidered cloth. It is recommended to use the embroidered cloth or Chinese embroidered cloth that is just beginning to contact the cross stitch. Among them, the Korean single embroidery cloth is of acceptable quality and the price is reasonable.
2. According to the grid: The size of the embroidered cloth is based on CT, which can be generally divided into 18ct, 14ct, 11ct, 9ct and so on. (The larger the number, the smaller the grid.)
3. Classification by texture: cotton embroidered cloth, linen embroidered cloth and plastic embroidered cloth (used mostly for embroidered pendants, ferrules).
4. Classification by color: The color is divided into: linen, white, black, red, blue, and the like.

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