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Hong Kong Danny International Co.,Limited
Hong Kong Danny International Co.,Limited
DN EmbroideryBadge Co., Ltd. is specialized in various forms of clothing embroidery jewelry.We transform the art design scheme into embroidery documents or patternssuitable for production on advanced industrial embroidery machines throughprofessional digital technology, and produce them. Using the most advancedindustrial machines to digitize and specialize in design enables us to solvethe most difficult problems.

Embroidery patcheshave a very high demand for personalization, and every buyer wants to embodyhis ideas in actual embroidery products. Including pattern, color, texture andusing, etc. So design consulting is a very important link for us. This isusually an underestimated process, but it plays a vital role in the finalappearance of the end product.

All embroiderypatches must be approved by customers before applying for mass production. Ourservices include design consultation, pre-production samples, computerizedembroidery machine manufacturing, embroidery digitization, fabric stereotypingand packaging.

Embroidery patchescan be circular, elliptical, square or any other shape. They can also havedifferent backings (seams, hot irons, nylon buckles) and different types ofboundaries (hot cutting, edge wrapping (over stitching) or trimming.

DN EmbroideryBadge provides many choices for the manufacture of embroidery patches.

We are proud ofthe quality of our design and production of embroidery patches.

Our customersinclude textile factories, schools, sports associations, training institutions,clubs, fundraisers, incentive schemes, charities, sports organizations, tourismcompanies, retail organizations, flights, advertisers, constructionassociations, banks, religions, animal protection organizations, motorcycles,music industry, military and so on.

We sincerely lookforward to your becoming my next customer! Welcome to consult.